Swim into winter and enjoy 50% off extra lessons

Over the warmer months, children have more opportunities to practice their swimming skills. In addition to swimming lessons, they may spend recreational time in pools, the ocean, creeks and lakes. To retain their swimming skills throughout the year, it is important to continue swimming lessons in winter, and a second lesson is valuable to maintain and build on the foundations that they have already established. What’s more, it’s fun and contributes to keeping children active and healthy.

From 1 May to 31 August, our Kick On Winter Special is offering a second swimming lesson a week for half price. Now, that’s a seriously good offer!

NSW: First lesson $89 per month | Second lesson only $44.50 per month*
VIC: First lesson $88 per month | Second lesson only $44 per month*


*T&Cs: Offer valid 1 May to 31 Aug 2018. The first lesson is charged at our regular monthly rate and subsequent lessons have a 50% discount applied for the period of the offer. Offer automatically applies to students currently enrolled in two or more lessons a week during this period. All bookings must be at the same facility. Offer not available at Carlile Swimming Killarney Heights or Norwest. 

The benefits of winter swimming

As the cooler months of winter roll around, swimming can become less appealing. However winter is an ideal time to continue with lessons for a number of reasons:

Swim safety skills all year round


Water accidents don’t only happen in summer. Unlike other sports, learning swimming skills is less about being competitive and is foremost about being safer. Children in Australia are exposed to water year round whether it be near pools, lakes, creeks or when they are fishing and boating. Continuity of swimming lessons plays a crucial part in building the layers of water safety protection.

Progression of swimming confidence

Repetition is key to the process of learning to swim. A break over winter can result in a plateau or even a regression in skills. A sustained break may lead to children having to relearn skills that they lost over winter, and for those children who took a little longer being comfortable in their lessons, they may need to rebuild water confidence and a love for the water.

Great for health and fitness

Swimming through winter is not only beneficial for other sports in terms of developing fitness, motor skills, flexibility and aerobic capacity, it helps maintain good health and increases resilience to illness.

Tips for swimming through winter

We consulted our community of parents, carers and teachers for some tips:

  • Bring warm clothing such as beanies for damp heads and comfy clothing like tracksuits that are easy to put on.
  • For evening classes, consider bringing flannel PJs, robes and slippers or uggs (let’s face it, you can’t beat uggs to keep warm).
  • Pack some warm treats for after the lesson. A thermos with warm (not boiling) noodles, hot chocolate or just warm water with honey and lemon juice can be left in the car for a light snack before the trip home.
  • Skin can become drier in winter. Bring some lotion to apply after swimming.
  • Kids with long hair could consider wearing a swimming cap to prevent it from getting wet.
  • Take two towels for babies – one to dry them straight out of the pool, and one for after the shower.

Find out more and call us

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Please note that the Kick On Winter Special is not available at Carlile Swimming Killarney Heights or Carlile Swimming Norwest.