From Babies to Olympians

Carlile Swimming provides swimming programs for all ages, from babies to Olympians. We have been pioneering new teaching and training methods for more than half a century and are recognised worldwide as a leader in all aspects of aquatic education. Carlile Swimming employs over 600 staff across 11 swim centres. Every week we help 20,000+ kids become safer and more confident in and around the water.

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Our Philosophy

“to swim well is an asset for life”

Swimming is embedded in the Australian culture and is an important part of our way of life. At Carlile Swimming we believe that every Australian child should undertake some form of structured swimming education. The ability to swim well is not only potentially life-saving but is also a core life skill that will provide lasting benefits and enjoyment to all Australians.

Find out more about our core principles below.



Small Graded Classes

All new swimmers from our Preschool Program and above are assessed to make sure they are placed in a class that best suits their ability. Our structured lesson formats and small class sizes ensure that each and every child is given focused attention to reach their potential.


No Floaties

Although we use some aids, such as hand floats and kickboards, we don’t use arm bands and back bubbles in our classes. It is easy to develop a false sense of security when using these and this can be dangerous. They also tend to keep a child’s head and body in a semi vertical position, which develops bad habits.


Fun and Active Learning

All of our classes have been designed to balance fun, exercise and correct technique. It is important to make sure swimming lessons are fun whilst ensuring kids are learning how to swim well.


Regular Updates

Feedback is important and that’s why we aim to provide all of our parents with a detailed update on their child’s progress every 3-4 months. This is delivered personally to each parent by one of our Supervisors using an iPad and our custom-made App, exclusive to Carlile Swimming


Purpose Built Facilities

All of our facilities are purpose built utilising the latest in air handling and water treatment technology. Our teaching pools are heated to 32 degrees year round to ensure that our little swimmers are as comfortable as possible while they learn to swim well.

World Class Teachers

In addition to attaining a nationally recognised qualification, all our teachers and coaches receive extensive in-house training exclusive to Carlile Swimming.  On-deck Supervisors and ongoing professional development provide additional support so our team can provide the best lessons possible.