All five of our children are different and the team at Ryde have always worked to balance their learning differences with the perfect teachers. They have helped us with two of our children who had particular swimming fears to overcome. Our four biggest children all want to swim for Australia in the Olympics, inspired by their teachers and the Ryde Carlile Swim Club.
Hailey Latham, Carlile Swimming Ryde

Carlile have been particularly great for my youngest daughter who came here after 2 attempts at swimming lessons elsewhere, which she really didn’t enjoy. She found her experience overwhelming and ended up quite fearful and very resistant to the idea of swimming lessons. But she has loved her lessons at Carlile from day 1. What made the difference? I think the fact that she could touch the bottom of the pool, the small class size, the warmth and encouragement of her teacher and the gentle teaching methods all played a role. After 3 months at Carlile, she can now jump into the pool at home, swim up to the surface, swim to the edge and climb out all by herself. (What a relief for mum!) She’s just been promoted to the seahorse group after 3 months of lessons. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of program at Carlile. It has been just what my little one needed.
Anne-Marrie Maxwell, Carlile Swimming Cherrybrook

I love Carlile because of the levels they have set up for each child to progress through. Each level has clear outcomes to achieve – breaking down the skills of the stroke development perfectly for beginners and advanced swimmers. Giving kids goals in each level keeps interest high and gives them a great sense of accomplishment as they achieve them.
Belinda Gerreyn, Carlile Swimming Cherrybrook