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Why winter swimming is good for kids

Let’s face it, even in our warmer climate, swimming through winter isn’t always appealing. Add in children who are snotty and grotty and it may seem easier to hang up the towel. But here’s why you should jump in and keep your kids swimming through winter. (more…)

What to do when you have a reluctant swimmer

As a keen swimmers we can wax lyrical about the many benefits of swimming but, as a swimming teachers, we know not every child is excited about going in the water. There are some simple steps that will help even the most reluctant swimmer get their toes wet. (more…)

When to start swimming (and when to stop)

In a country surrounded by water, where fun in the sun and water are as much a part of our childhood as band-aids and bikes, swimming lessons are a rite of passage and a necessary life saving skill. But when should your children start? (more…)

The Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is often called our nation’s past time, and with good reason. With easy access to some of the world’s best beaches, bays and pools it’s no wonder we love a dip. But what are the real benefits of swimming (aside from taking in the amazing views)? (more…)