Updated 31st March 2020

To our valued Carlile families,

We are writing to you this week in unprecedented times. We fully understand that the decision to close our swim schools and suspend our programs has caused distress and concern for many of you. It hurts us to know that our younger swimmers are missing the opportunity to learn important swimming and water safety skills and that our older swimmers are missing their weekly stroke development, fitness and competitive training.

Most importantly, we miss seeing your children every week, having fun, making social connections, gaining confidence, increasing their fitness and coordination and learning new skills.

After speaking with many of you and seeing your messages and comments on social media, we would like to express our gratitude for all the support you have shown us. We love teaching your children to swim and we can’t wait to see all of you back in our swim schools in the coming months.

Carlile has always been more than just a swim school. We consider ourselves a family and this has never been more true than now. Our family includes not only our people, but you and your children as well. So, we hope you are keeping well, staying healthy and coping through these weeks of home-schooling. We also know that many of you will be experiencing difficult times financially and we truly hope you can find a way through, with the support that has been made available.

Our Family
We know that for your children, and often for you, your swimming teacher provides a friendly face to rely on each week, as they help your children learn to swim. We want to assure you that we are taking care of our teachers, supervisors, customer service reps and swim school managers. Many of them have worked tirelessly with us for years, dedicating themselves to your kids and the development of their skills. We never take this for granted.

We have been closely monitoring the Government’s announcements regarding the financial support available to workers who have been “stood down” and we are providing the appropriate information to our people, once the details emerge.

We also understand that for many of our people, the situation they now find themselves in is challenging, both financially and emotionally. With this in mind, we are making them aware of the free expert mental, emotional and financial support services available to them.

Regular Communications
We will be writing to you each week with updates on our current situation and our progress towards re-opening. You may not be aware, but in addition to our swim school staff, we also have 18 staff members working behind the scenes to help make the Carlile Swimming schools so fantastic. From Reception and Administration to Operations, Human Resources, Finance, IT, Marketing, Water Safety and Curriculum, Training and Compliance and Facility Design and Management, we are all working together to make the best out of the current situation we all find ourselves in.

Whilst our Systems team has been reduced to cope with the recent downturn, it is still functioning to assist our people and customers both now, and leading into the reopening of the centres, when we receive the go ahead.

Answering Your Questions
We have received a number of phone calls and emails regarding your accounts with us during our closure period. We would like to assure you that all your direct debits have been suspended from the date of closure. Also, any remaining lessons from March have been credited to your account, for when we re-open.

Our History
As many of you know, the Carlile swim schools were founded by Forbes and Ursula Carlile at Drummoyne, in 1955. Both were celebrated international swimming coaches who have made an incredible contribution not only to swimming in Australia, but across the world.

Prior to opening at Drummoyne, Forbes had already worked with several world record holders, Olympic swimmers and overall swimming champions. This week, his first-ever world record holder, John Davies, passed away at the age of 92, in Pasadena, California. John broke the breaststroke world record in 1952 and interestingly, that record still stands today, because it was the last swim before the breaststroke and butterfly were separated into 2 unique strokes in 1953.

John attributed much of his success to his coach, Forbes Carlile, especially his ability to swim even paced races, a skill that Forbes instilled in him in the early days of his training at Palm Beach. It was this even splitting that won him the race at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952 when, at the half-way mark, he was behind the leaders by more than 2 seconds. He was able to draw on his early training and discipline to overtake the entire field in the last half of the race, to record the win and claim the gold medal.

After his swimming career ended, John was not idle. Away from sport and in his professional life, like many swimmers, he was an accomplished student and was the only Olympic Gold Medallist to become a Federal Judge.
He was known as “the Judge who saved L.A.” after presiding over the trial of the Los Angeles Police Department officers who were charged with assaulting Rodney King in 1992. In 1993, he was named District Judge of the Year by the Criminal Justice Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.
For more information on the incredible history of not only Carlile Swimming, but also our founders, Forbes and Ursula Carlile, please click here

Over the coming weeks as we keep you updated on our progress, we will also be sharing many unique insights into Carlile’s history and our innovative teaching methods, as well as sharing water safety and stroke development tips.

Thank you once again for your loyalty to Carlile Swimming, it means so much to us. We are proud of what we do, of our heritage and our contribution to water safety and swimming skills development. We have been teaching children to swim well for 65 years and we will be teaching them to swim well for many years to come.

Remember, we are still here to answer any of your questions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9937 6600 or

Take care, stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you at the pool soon.

Carlile Swimming