Active Kids Rebate FAQ

What is the Active Kids Rebate?

The NSW Government has implemented an Active Kids program to encourage kids to participate in sports and fitness activities, including swimming lessons.

Two $100 vouchers (per child a year) will be provided to parents, guardians and carers of school aged children to help cover the costs of these activities.

Voucher 1 is available from 1 January and Voucher 2 is available from 1 July. This means you can now use up to $200 worth of vouchers towards swimming lessons (if redeemed at least eight weeks apart).

To maximise your value, you need to submit your first voucher with Carlile Swimming before 23 October 2020, and the second voucher before 18 December 2020.

Who is eligible to claim the rebate?

Children (4.5 – 18 years old) enrolled in school from Kindergarten to Year 12 may be eligible for Active Kids vouchers. This includes those who are home-schooled or enrolled in secondary school education at TAFE NSW. Visit Service NSW for full eligibility criteria.

How long are the vouchers valid?

Voucher 1 is valid January to December and it must be redeemed before Voucher 2 can be submitted.
Voucher 2 is valid July to December and must be submitted at least eight weeks after Voucher 1.
Norwest (which is closed for maintenance and will reopen on Jan 4, 2021 is no longer able to process 2020 vouchers) All other pools can accept 2020 vouchers up to 18 December for processing.

How do you apply for a voucher?

Parents/ guardians need to visit Service NSW and create an account or login.

You will then be able to complete an Active Kids application through your MyServiceNSW account. You will receive a voucher with a unique ID number for each child you register.

How do I redeem the vouchers for lessons with Carlile Swimming?

There are two simple ways to use your Active Kids vouchers with Carlile Swimming:

  1. You can apply via our online form. You will need the voucher ID number and the lesson that your child is enrolled in.
  2. You can bring a copy of each child’s Active Kids voucher to our customer service team at the pool.

Once we have received and successfully processed your voucher, we will send an email notification regarding the $100 credit that will be applied to your account.

Individual items (such as sports equipment, accessories, etc.) used as part of participating in the activity cannot be purchased with the voucher.

If you plan to use your vouchers with Carlile Swimming, please note:

  • Voucher 1 and Voucher 2 must be redeemed at least eight weeks apart
  • Vouchers are only available for redemption once
  • Vouchers cannot be split across multiple providers
  • Vouchers are not redeemable for our Swimvac Holiday program

Where can I find more information?

We recommend that you visit the NSW Office of Sport or Service NSW about the program before you apply for a voucher.