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Jul 19 2024

From Waterbabies to swimming with the big kids

There are key moments in life, starting big school, high school, moving out of home. Okay moving from Waterbabies to Tadpole isn’t quite as emotional…

Jun 17 2024

From Babies to Olympians

From babies to Olympians, and so it was again. On the weekend, Carlile Swimming Team star Olivia Wunsch sealed a place in the world’s hottest…

May 15 2024

Ten reasons to swim through winter

Swimming is often associated with balmy summer days, but dismissing it as a seasonal activity overlooks the benefits of embracing it during the colder months.…

May 02 2024

What are the three Fs of swimming teaching?

The three Fs of swimming teaching? Fun, Fulfilling Flexible. If that's what you want in your life, swimming teaching is mighty hard to beat. It’s…

Mar 20 2024

What’s the secret to learning to swim?

If there is one secret to learning to swim well, it’s consistency. Learning to swim is not a simple or natural task, like learning to…

Mar 08 2024

Celebrating the great women of Australian Swimming

Today, International Women’s Day we celebrate some of the greatest women in the history of swimming. We are in a golden era right now, Ariarne…

Feb 19 2024

Why choose group learning over private swimming lessons?

Research shows group learning is best for children's swimming lessons. If you are considering private lessons, it could be a mistake. Much like school, having…

Jan 05 2024

Swimming Lessons Save Lives

Swimming lessons save lives. Tragically 40 people, 6 more than the same period last year, have already lost their lives to drowning this summer. “Every…

Nov 23 2023

Overcoming fear of the water

In Australia, swimming is one of the most important skills a child must learn. But what do you do when your child is scared of…

Nov 13 2023

Ginny Shanley a learn to swim legend

Congratulations to Ginny Shanley who has passed 30 years working on pool deck with Carlile Swimming. It’s a remarkable achievement from our longest serving current…

Nov 08 2023

Why school holiday intensive lessons improve your kids progress

School holidays are a time for relaxation, exploration, and fun, but they can also be an excellent opportunity to help your child become a better…

Oct 27 2023

Pool Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Swimming pools offer endless fun and relaxation, especially during the summer months. For families with children, they are a source of joy and memorable moments. However,…

Oct 16 2023

Carlile Matriarch Ursula Carlile passes away

Australian Swimming has lost a national treasure, with the peaceful passing of Ursula Carlile in Ryde today, aged 86. Ursula was a pioneer of sports…

Oct 14 2023

"Stuff the silver we came for gold!"

Laurie and Duncan at the launch of Lauire's book, Going for gold.   "Stuff the silver we came for gold," said…

Oct 03 2023

The top five summer pool games

If you're in search of exciting summer pool games that don't involve the headache enhancing chorus of "Marco Polo," then check out our top dive…

Sep 19 2023

Drownings still unacceptably high, swimming well saves lives. 

Please think twice around water this Summer. Just a quick bath, backyard swim or trip to the local beach could end in tragedy. The Royal…

Sep 01 2023

Spring into Summer Swimming

With beaches, lakes and pools becoming Summer-time hotspots for Australian families, learning to swim is a must, because it saves lives. However, sadly too many…

Aug 23 2023

Learning to swim, better late than never

When should your child start swimming lessons? The simple answer is, the sooner the better. Though a later start to swimming is better than never…

Aug 08 2023

Are your kids summer ready?

Swimming lessons save lives. With winter sports winding down, from babies to school age, now is the perfect time to get children back in the…

Jul 28 2023

Carlile Swimming Caringbah to open for swimming lessons

Carlile Swimming Caringbah to open, bringing its world-renowned learn to swim program to the Shire. The  state-of-the-art teaching pool will begin offering swimming lessons on…

Jul 05 2023

Carlile Swimmers go "Back to the Future" at Palm Beach!

It was back to the future today for the Carlile Swimming junior squad members in their Winter Camp. The swimmers headed back to where it…

Jun 28 2023

Carlile Swimming coming to Caringbah

Carlile Swimming is set to launch a new learn to swim centre in the Sutherland Shire at Caringbah. Swimming lessons are expected to begin in…

Jun 15 2023

Should your child swim with or without goggles?

Should your child swim with or without Goggles when learning? This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and the answer is yes and…

Jun 03 2023

A legend of Swimmming

Today we celebrate the life of our founder, a legend of swimming Forbes Carlile who was born on this day 102 years ago. From teaching…

May 20 2023

Five reasons to swim through Winter

Why Swim through Winter? Ask yourself this question: If you have a choice, would you choose to interrupt your child's progress? Of course you wouldn’t.…

May 09 2023

Baby Swimming Lessons Can Save A Life.

Can you really teach a baby to save itself from drowning. The short answer is yes, baby swimming lessons can save a life. But short…

Apr 13 2023

What a Swimming School must have

Carlile Swim School When looking for a swimming school for your child, what are the absolute essentials the school should provide…

Apr 03 2023

Rainbow Club Swim School farewells champion of swimming with disabilities.

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn to swim. That premise has guided the Rainbow Club and its swim schools from the very beginning. Carlile…

Mar 29 2023

Why swimming lessons should be fun!

As Forbes Carlile said, “to swim well is an asset for life” and guess what, making swimming lessons fun makes a difference. First up children…

Mar 21 2023

Learning to swim is not a seasonal sport

If your child is still learning to swim, please think twice before taking the risk of cancelling in winter. Children learn swimming through constant repetition;…

Mar 14 2023

Stroke Correction Could Save a Life.

“Chin on your chest” “tall arms” “small fast kicks” These are probably the most common phrases you hear walking into a Carlile swimming centre. That’s because…

Mar 08 2023

Celebrating our two greatest

Shane and Ursula Carlile Today, International Women’s Day we celebrate the careers of two ground-breaking Australians who helped lay the foundations…

Mar 03 2023

Why you should keep swimming through winter.

With the Netball and Footy season starting up soon, we know time can get tight, but if your child is still learning to swim now…

Feb 23 2023

Save First Lap to Save Lives

The First Lap learn to swim program will end in June. After another summer of tragic drownings, we are calling on both sides of NSW…

Feb 13 2023

The Secret To Success - Swim More Often!

Not every child will be the next Emma Mckeon, but if you are looking to fast track your child’s progress, then swimming more often is…

Jan 31 2023

Swimming Lessons Have Never Been More Vital

A perfect storm has led to the tragic increase in drownings over the past two summers. More than ten million lost swimming lessons, a shortage…

Jan 12 2023

Swimmers go back to where it all began, Palm Beach.

Did you know, Australia's first post World War II Olympic gold medallist was trained by Forbes Carlile at Palm Beach Rock Pool?  Today a group…

Jan 06 2023

Is it time for you to become a swimming teacher?

A new year is often a great time to reflect. If you are looking for a change and a role with purpose becoming a swimming…

Dec 21 2022

What a year for Carlile Swimming

What a year it’s been for the Carlile and in particular the Carlile Swimming Team! Under head coach Chris Nesbit the team continues to go…

Dec 13 2022

Summer Pool Games

Everyone knows children learn through play. It’s the same story with swimming. Having fun and playing summer pool games is an excellent method to build…

Nov 23 2022

Happy Birthday to the legend Shane Gould

Happy birthday to one of the greatest swimmers the world has ever seen, Shane Gould! Seen below capturing the 100 freestyle world record at just…

Nov 19 2022

SAFER Swimming - Countdown to Summer 

In the last year, 339 people have drowned in Australia, the most in 25 years! This has prompted water safety experts to issue an urgent…

Nov 11 2022

Become a swimming teacher 

Are you studying and looking for a flexible job? Or perhaps looking for a change or even to get back into work.If you want to…

Nov 08 2022

Six tips for nervous swimmers

In Australia, swimming is one of the most important skills a child must learn. But what do you do when your child is scared of…

Oct 30 2022

A love story for a lifetime

Today October 30, we celebrate the birthday of the incomparable Carlile Swimming matriarch Ursula Carlile, by looking back at a her two great loves -…

Oct 27 2022

Five long-term benefits of learning to swim

There are countless long-term benefits from learning to swim, we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite five. Learning to swim saves lives The greatest benefit…

Oct 19 2022

The best swimming lessons for beginners

If you are  looking for the best swimming lessons for beginners, how do you tell the difference between an average and a great swimming school?…

Oct 17 2022

Ursula Carlile Inducted into the International Swimming Hall Of Fame.

Ursula Carlile, the first woman to coach the Australian Olympic team, has been inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, over the weekend in…

Oct 14 2022

Swimming legend turns 81 and still saving lives

The great Laurie Lawrence turns 81 today and he’s still teaching beginners with the energy of a teenager. He’s still saving lives. Laurie is one…

Oct 11 2022

Carlile Swimming Teacher shooting for gold.

Carlile swimming teacher Sienna Hearn will be hoping for another international gold after being  selected in the Australian Women’s water polo team to play the…

Sep 30 2022

Latest drowning data ‘Reverses years of progress'

Carlile Swim School  Fatal drownings are at their highest in 25 years, and children are among those most at risk of…

Sep 16 2022

Let's fight drowning at every step

In the past decade, more than half of all children aged 5 and under who drowned in Australia lost their lives in a backyard swimming…

Sep 09 2022

What to eat before and after swimming lessons

“Mum, Dad I'm starving” how often have you heard that before or after swimming? Their bodies are like car engines, no fuel and they won’t…

Aug 31 2022

If your child can confidently swim 15 metres is that enough?

We are often asked how far a child should be able to swim to be considered “safe” around water. The fact is no child is…

Aug 17 2022

Five reasons to start your bub swimming at three months

What's the point of enrolling your child in swimming lessons as early as three months? What if we told you that by starting lessons early…

Aug 15 2022

Spring into Swimming

Spring is just around the corner, is your child booked into swimming lessons? With winter sports winding down, from babies to school age, now is…

Aug 07 2022

The Golden Games

Prince Charles was joking when he declared that the rest of the Commonwealth was “terrified of the Aussies” but didn’t our Dolphins prove they should…

Jul 21 2022

Learning to swim helped shape a Legend

“In the water without a wheelchair, being free, it's a wonderful feeling.”  Australia’s most successful para sportswoman, Louise Sauvage OAM, was born with her disability.…

Jul 10 2022

The day a humble Australian became an Olympic Icon

On this day, July 10 1912,  Australian swimming legend Cecil Healy was responsible for one of the most selfless acts of sportsmanship in Olympic History.…

Jun 28 2022

Another Olympian Joins Carlile

Maddy Gough is the latest Olympian to throw her weight behind Carlile Swimming, joining Se-Bom Lee and Kai Edwards under world-renowned coach Chris Nesbit. As…

Jun 03 2022

Legendary coach Forbes Carlile born on this day

Today we celebrate the life of our founder Forbes Carlile who was born on this day 101 years ago. From teaching babies to coaching Olympians…

May 25 2022

How far should my child swim?

It’s a common question from many parents who are first keen to see their children capable of saving themselves should they fall into water and…

Apr 22 2022

Asthmatics breathe easier

  World champion Sam Riley For year’s doctors have recommended swimming as one of the best forms of exercise for asthmatics,…

Apr 07 2022

Don’t miss the benefits of swimming through winter

After two years of COVID lockdowns now is not the time to be considering taking a break from swimming. Children learn best with regular repetition…

Mar 27 2022

Swim safer without goggles

Learning to swim without goggles is a vital safety step for all children. Most drownings amongst young children occur because of accidental falls. The chances…

Mar 17 2022

When Should My Child Start Swimming Lessons?

When should my child start swimming lessons? When should my child stop swimming lessons?These are two questions most Australian parents ask. Searching Google for advice…

Mar 08 2022

Ursula and Shane a peerless combination

Shane Gould and Ursula Carlile Today, International Women’s Day we celebrate the careers of two ground-breaking Australians who helped lay the…

Mar 06 2022

Five reasons why children shouldn't learn to swim wearing "floaties"

Carlile Swimming doesn’t believe in teaching children to swim using floatation aids other than active aids such as noodles and kick boards. Here are five…

Feb 25 2022

10 reasons to keep your child swimming

The fact that almost half of all children graduating from primary school can’t swim 50 metres or float for two minutes should be a wake-up…

Feb 13 2022

Five Reasons Why Swimming Builds Confident Children

Most parents want their children to learn to swim so they are safer around water, but the benefits go way beyond safety. Swimming is a…

Feb 01 2022

Raining Gold For Carlile Swimmers

The Carlile Swimming team, under Olympic coach Chris Nesbitt, made a brilliant start to the year at the recent NSW Snr State championships. Tokyo Olympian…

Jan 31 2022

Properly Treated Water Proven to Inactivate COVID19 in 30 Seconds.

Scientific research conducted by virologists at Imperial College London has found that properly treated swimming pool water inactivates COVID19 in 30 seconds. The study, which…

Jan 18 2022

How to become a swimming teacher

Being a swimming teacher is wonderfully rewarding, working with children, helping them progress and watching them discover the joy of swimming is special. Swimming teachers,…

Jan 10 2022

The Top Ten Tips For Finding A Great Swimming Teacher.

As a parent without a background in swimming, how do you find the right teacher for your child?Carlile Swimming has long been regarded as one…

Jan 04 2022

The Top Five Questions To Ask When Looking For A Learn To Swim School

When choosing a learn to swim school you need an expert with a nurturing approach, that emphasises safety and develops great technique. Carlile Swimming pioneered…

Dec 15 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Learning To Swim?

There are so many benefits in learning to swim, that they are almost impossible to measure. But the good news is that the science is…

Dec 09 2021

CarlileKids in dead heat smash the World Record

  Forbes and Ursula Carlile with world beating freestylers Jenny Turrell and Sally Lockyer Teenage twins finish with exactly the same…

Dec 02 2021

The Five Steps To SAFER Swimming.

The first thing to know about water safety is that children can never be completely SAFE around water. No child, no matter how well they…

Nov 23 2021

Time to celebrate the birthday of the incomparable Shane Gould.

Today, November 23 we celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest swimmers the world has ever seen, the incomparable Shane Gould. Coached by Forbes…

Nov 19 2021

World First For Carlile Swimming

Carlile has done it again, picking up a prestigious international award. Carlile Swimming,  in partnership with skills development platform Xapify, has set a new standard…

Oct 30 2021

Celebrating the birthday of a legend

“No one cares about how much you know, until they know, how much you care,” Carlile Swimming matriarch Ursula Carlile.   Today October 30, we…

Oct 14 2021

Laurie Lawrence turns 80!

The legend that is Laurie Lawrence today turns 80! Laurie is one of a kind, a tireless advocate of learn to swim and coach of…

Oct 05 2021

Swimming Schools To Reopen

Indoor Pools will reopen for swimming lessons on the Monday after NSW vaccination rates reach 80 per cent. Swim Schools will be allowed to operate…

Sep 29 2021

Lives are at risk. Indoor swim schools must open.

The NSW Government’s decision to delay opening indoor learn to swim centres until the first day of summer, is putting lives at risk and will…

Jun 03 2021

Forbes Carlile’s 100th

Remembering the life of Forbes Carlile. Born 100 years ago today. Today is a very special milestone, our founder Forbes Carlile, who sadly passed in 2016, would have turned 100.

May 21 2021

Rainbow Club, spreading the joy of swimming.

Carlile Swimming and Rainbow Club Australia, a network of social swimming clubs for young people with a disability, are delighted to announce a partnership which will mean young people with a disability will have greater access to aquatic activities in their local community.

May 14 2021

Carlile Swimming in further boost to coaching muscle

Hot on the heels of securing elite coach Chris Nesbit, Carlile Swimming has today announced the appointment of two new assistants to further enhance the club’s coaching staff.

May 10 2021

Olympic Coach To Lead The Carlile Swimming Team

Australian and Great Britain national swimming coach Chris Nesbit has been appointed to lead the high-performance program at Carlile Swimming.

Apr 21 2021

Olympic Icon and war hero. Lest We Forget.

On Anzac Day we pause to remember the Fallen. This includes a man revered for one of the most selfless acts of sportsmanship in Olympic history.

Mar 29 2021

To goggle or not to goggle?

Should my child wear goggles at swimming lessons? The answer is yes and no!

Mar 24 2021

Celebrating the life of Olympic Gold Medallist and legal giant, John Davies.

The Judge Who “Saved LA” Was Also An Australian Olympic Gold Medallist.

Mar 22 2021

When should your child start swimming lessons?

Expecting a one-year-old to swim freestyle is about as realistic as asking her to drive your SUV down the road to buy the groceries. So why do countless experts insist that the best time to start swimming lessons is, as soon as possible?

Mar 08 2021

Women Swimming with men banned

Public outcry as swimming stars are forbidden from racing in anything other than Breaststroke and banned from being seen in swimsuits by men.

Feb 28 2021

Why kids shouldn’t learn to swim with floatation aids.

These aids can give children and parents a false sense of security, however, that’s not the only reason why experts believe children should not be taught to swim while wearing flotation aids.

Feb 22 2021

Finding the best Learn To Swim School: What to look for in swimming lessons

How do you find the best learn to swim lessons? Learning to swim can save your child’s life. Learning to do it well leads to a lifetime love of the water. But how do you tell the difference between great and average swimming lessons?

Feb 13 2021

Don’t tell me it Can’t be Done

The Day Carlile Director John Coutts conquered one of swimming’s great challenges, Cook Strait.

Jan 22 2021

Cancer Survivor Swimming for Sick Kids

Chloe Osborn is swimming for sick kids, what about you? It’s time to jump into the Starlight Super Swim. If you can’t swim, then sponsor a champ like Chloe.

Jan 22 2021

Vale Dawny’s ‘old fox’ Harry Gallagher

Australia has lost a giant with the passing of legendary swimming coach Harry Gallagher OAM.

Jan 18 2021

Swimming, not just a lifesaving skill

Learning to swim can save your child’s life but the benefits go well beyond safety. Anecdotally the experts at Carlile Swimming have long known how children’s confidence grows, along with their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Jan 11 2021

Finding a great learn-to-swim teacher.

As a parent without a background in swimming, how do you find the right teacher for your child? It’s one thing to pay good money for great lessons, but imagine your time and money being wasted on poor quality instruction.

Jan 08 2021

The Night Shane Gould Became “The Greatest”

It was January 8, 1972, when Carlile Kid Shane Gould created a slice of history that will never be equalled.

Dec 17 2020

Carlile teacher turned IronWoman

From Carlile Seahorse to champion IronWoman, what a journey it’s been for Carlile Swimming teacher Naomi Scott, who this weekend takes on surf sports best.

Dec 09 2020

Oh what a night! Two World records become one

Today we celebrate one of the most astonishing nights in Swimming history when 13-year-old Jenny Turrall and her 14-year-old “twin” Sally Lockyer smashed the 1500m Freestyle World Record.

Dec 03 2020

When is a child SAFE around water?

Find out why the world’s leading learn to swim experts believe children are never completely safe around water.

Aug 02 2019

How Forbes Carlile became one of sport’s most influential and innovative leaders

On the anniversary of his passing we remember Forbes Carlile, one of the most influential and innovative figures in the world of swimming and in sport.

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