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Oct 05 2021

Swimming Schools To Reopen

Indoor Pools will reopen for swimming lessons on the Monday after NSW vaccination rates reach 80 per cent. Swim Schools will be allowed to operate…

Sep 29 2021

Lives are at risk. Indoor swim schools must open.

The NSW Government’s decision to delay opening indoor learn to swim centres until the first day of summer, is putting lives at risk and will…

Jun 03 2021

Forbes Carlile’s 100th

Remembering the life of Forbes Carlile. Born 100 years ago today. Today is a very special milestone, our founder Forbes Carlile, who sadly passed in 2016, would have turned 100.

May 21 2021

Rainbow Club, spreading the joy of swimming.

Carlile Swimming and Rainbow Club Australia, a network of social swimming clubs for young people with a disability, are delighted to announce a partnership which will mean young people with a disability will have greater access to aquatic activities in their local community.

May 14 2021

Carlile Swimming in further boost to coaching muscle

Hot on the heels of securing elite coach Chris Nesbit, Carlile Swimming has today announced the appointment of two new assistants to further enhance the club’s coaching staff.

May 10 2021

Olympic Coach To Lead The Carlile Swimming Team

Australian and Great Britain national swimming coach Chris Nesbit has been appointed to lead the high-performance program at Carlile Swimming.

Apr 21 2021

Olympic Icon and war hero. Lest We Forget.

On Anzac Day we pause to remember the Fallen. This includes a man revered for one of the most selfless acts of sportsmanship in Olympic history.

Mar 29 2021

To goggle or not to goggle?

Should my child wear goggles at swimming lessons? The answer is yes and no!

Mar 24 2021

Celebrating the life of Olympic Gold Medallist and legal giant, John Davies.

The Judge Who “Saved LA” Was Also An Australian Olympic Gold Medallist.

Mar 22 2021

When should your child start swimming lessons?

Expecting a one-year-old to swim freestyle is about as realistic as asking her to drive your SUV down the road to buy the groceries. So why do countless experts insist that the best time to start swimming lessons is, as soon as possible?

Mar 08 2021

Women Swimming with men banned

Public outcry as swimming stars are forbidden from racing in anything other than Breaststroke and banned from being seen in swimsuits by men.

Feb 28 2021

Why kids shouldn’t learn to swim with floatation aids.

These aids can give children and parents a false sense of security, however, that’s not the only reason why experts believe children should not be taught to swim while wearing flotation aids.

Feb 22 2021

Finding the best Learn To Swim School

How do you find the best learn to swim lessons? Learning to swim can save your child’s life. Learning to do it well leads to a lifetime love of the water. But how do you tell the difference between great and average swimming lessons?

Feb 13 2021

Don’t tell me it Can’t be Done

The Day Carlile Director John Coutts conquered one of swimming’s great challenges, Cook Strait.

Jan 22 2021

Cancer Survivor Swimming for Sick Kids

Chloe Osborn is swimming for sick kids, what about you? It’s time to jump into the Starlight Super Swim. If you can’t swim, then sponsor a champ like Chloe.

Jan 22 2021

Vale Dawny’s ‘old fox’ Harry Gallagher

Australia has lost a giant with the passing of legendary swimming coach Harry Gallagher OAM.

Jan 18 2021

Swimming, not just a lifesaving skill

Learning to swim can save your child’s life but the benefits go well beyond safety. Anecdotally the experts at Carlile Swimming have long known how children’s confidence grows, along with their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Jan 11 2021

Finding a great learn-to-swim teacher.

As a parent without a background in swimming, how do you find the right teacher for your child? It’s one thing to pay good money for great lessons, but imagine your time and money being wasted on poor quality instruction.

Jan 08 2021

The Night Shane Gould Became “The Greatest”

It was January 8, 1972, when Carlile Kid Shane Gould created a slice of history that will never be equalled.

Dec 17 2020

Carlile teacher turned IronWoman

From Carlile Seahorse to champion IronWoman, what a journey it’s been for Carlile Swimming teacher Naomi Scott, who this weekend takes on surf sports best.

Dec 09 2020

Oh what a night! Two World records become one

Today we celebrate one of the most astonishing nights in Swimming history when 13-year-old Jenny Turrall and her 14-year-old “twin” Sally Lockyer smashed the 1500m Freestyle World Record.

Dec 03 2020

When is a child SAFE around water?

Find out why the world’s leading learn to swim experts believe children are never completely safe around water.

Aug 02 2019

How Forbes Carlile became one of sport’s most influential and innovative leaders

On the anniversary of his passing we remember Forbes Carlile, one of the most influential and innovative figures in the world of swimming and in sport.

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