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Why Choose Carlile Swimming

Learning to swim doesn’t just happen naturally. Carlile’s nurturing approach is delivered by expert teachers and has been refined over years of industry-leading innovation. The Carlile Program allows children to build the skills they need at one level to confidently springboard to the next. Your child will learn to swim well and love the water.

A World Class Swimming School

Carlile is internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading swimming schools.
Highly trained teachers work within an award-winning program, proven to deliver great results and ensure consistency across every class. Carlile pioneered baby swimming lessons and opened Sydney’s first indoor teaching pool.

Things To Know About Carlile Teachers

  • They care about children and love teaching them to swim.
  • They nurture and encourage children with positive reinforcement and gentle correction.
  • They are trained well beyond the industry standard.
  • They are supported by ‘spare’ teachers, who provide extra assistance.
  • Supervisors are at every lesson to ensure consistent quality and provide feedback.
  • They work within a system which ensures a consistent approach at each level.
  • They gain a nationally recognised accreditation and receive ongoing professional development.

How Carlile Helps Your Child Progress

Your child’s progress will be continually monitored and you will receive regular feedback on their progress.

While children progress at their own pace, Carlile’s approach of repetition and reviewing skills ensures they retain what they learn. Practiced skills become the building blocks for the future. Carlile Swimming will ensure the following:

  • A strong focus on technique before children move up or undertake any sort of endurance activity.
  • Students remain close to their teacher, with shorter lanes allowing better class movement and more frequent feedback.
  • When your child has achieved the skills to be confident and successful at the next level, they will be promoted.
  • Your child will be encouraged and praised for their accomplishments.

Learning to swim should be fun! At Carlile teachers will engage and motivate your child and help them develop a life-long love of the water.

The Perfect Environment to Learn

Carlile pools are designed and built based on years of experience and understanding of what works best. They feature:

  • Custom depths, lengths, ledges and platforms to help children confidently progress.
  • Warm, 32-degree water so children are comfortable as they learn.
  • State-of-the art filtration and disinfection systems to ensure hygiene.

Swimming Pioneers

Forbes and Ursula Carlile were pioneers, introducing groundbreaking techniques that are now commonplace worldwide. Inspired by their example, Carlile Swimming continues to search for improvement and innovation. 

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Google Rating
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