Child Protection and Procedures at Carlile Swimming

Carlile Swimming is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children, as well as all staff and visitors.

Carlile has extensive policies and procedures in place that strive to protect children, and provide a safe and enjoyable environment to learn to swim. These cover (but are not limited to) areas such as water and air handling, emergency procedures and Child Protection.

A Preventative and Proactive Approach on Child Protection

Carlile Swimming takes a preventative and proactive approach to Child Protection including staff training and development, a values-based culture, the provision of Child Safety Contacts and working with independent Child Protection experts to develop and review our Child Safeguarding Framework, Complaint Handling Procedures and Child Protection Code of Conduct.

Filming and Photography

Learning to swim is an important step in a child’s life. Understandably some parents want to film or photograph their child’s progress. However, the presence of cameras can cause concerns for some parents. In order to respect everyone’s privacy, parents wishing to film or photograph their child at the swim school are asked to consult with the Supervisor prior to using cameras of any description.

If you have any concerns or a complaint regarding Child Protection or Filming and Photography at a Carlile Swimming centre, please contact your local Carlile Operations Manager or one of the Child Safety Contacts on 9937 6600, or make contact online. 

Important Information for Parents and Carers

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