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Carlile coaches and their Sydney swimming squads have produced more Australian championship gold medals than anyone else. However, squad swimming is not just about producing champions.

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Carlile Swimming Squads

The Shark classes are the final level before Carlile’s competitive swimming squads, they are a springboard to competition swimming, surf lifesaving, waterpolo and securing great results at the school carnival.

Expert coaches help young swimmers refine their technique, build endurance and learn the finer points of squad swimming. 

If your child wants to compete they can join the Carlile Swimming Team and train with our junior squads.


Competitive squads

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The Best Squad Swimming in Sydney

Reaching Squad Swimming at Carlile is a huge achievement. Sessions have a maximum of nine swimmers per lane. Session prices are $25.25 on weekdays and $26.75 on weekends.  When your child graduates from Shark they will be able to swim well and take that asset with them to whichever sport or pastime they choose. If they want to take the next step and become a competitive swimmer they can progress to the Advanced Squads and join the Carlile Swimming Team, for more information click here.

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The most successful club in Australian swimming

Great technique is at the heart of the Carlile Swimming Program. It helps produce children who love to swim.  For those who go on to competitive swimming it delivers proven results.

Carlile Swimming coaches have produced eight world record holders, more than 240 Australian open championship gold medals, more than 70 Australian open champions and more than 50 Australian Dolphins. So if you’re looking to help your child be the best swimmer they can be, the best swimming lessons in Sydney are at Carlile.

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Learning to swim doesn’t just happen naturally. Carlile’s nurturing approach, refined over years of industry leading innovation, allows children to build the skills they need at one level to confidently springboard to the next. Your child will learn to swim well and love the water.

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