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The Carlile Foundation.

Helping athletes achieve their dreams.

Carlile Swimming is committed to supporting young athletes by creating an environment which provides every opportunity for success. The Carlile Foundation is at the very heart of that goal.

Established to provide financial and professional support to elite competitors the Carlile Foundation was the brainchild of Forbes and Ursula Carlile. 

A legacy to last

Founders, Forbes and Ursula Carlile, were not just pioneers in sports science and coaching they were visionaries who created the Carlile Foundation to ensure Carlile Swimming would support a world class competitive program for years to come.

Traditionally, squad programs around the world operate at significant financial losses. Coaching elite competitive swimmers and surf athletes is an unprofitable venture. High Performance Programs must be subsidised to survive.

Competitive swimming was a lifelong passion for Forbes and indeed remains for Ursula today.

Creating an atmosphere where champions are inevitable.

Since 2004 the Carlile Foundation has donated millions of dollars to support competitive swimming in Australia. The funds are generated through the world class learn to swim program and then directed to the swimming clubs, coaches and support services associated with Carlile Swimming.

This enables Carlile to employ world class coaches such as GB and Australian Olympic coach Chris Nesbit, who himself has placed 23 swimmers on Olympic teams. The sports science support, physio, diet and infrastructure available to the Carlile Swimming Team rivals many state based programmes and is unequalled by any club in the country.

Carlile Swimming Directors, John Coutts, Richard Cahalan and Tim Ford, all international swimming competitors, are determined to ensure the Foundation continues to support high performance swimming into the future.

Forbes and Ursula Carlile with Sally Lockyer and Jenny Turrell
A unique history

Forbes and Ursula are both members of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, the only husband and wife coaching team to have achieved such an honour. They are also members of the Australian Swim Schools Association Hall of Fame, The Swim Australia Hall of Fame and they are both Life members of Swimming Australia.

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The Carlile Swimming Team

The Carlile Swimming Team is always at the cutting edge. The team provides competitors, and their families, the opportunity to embrace a club which is setting the standard for innovation and personal achievement.

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