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From Baby Swimming Lessons to Olympians
Award-Winning Programs for All Levels

Carlile Swimming’s award winning learn to swim programs will help your child have fun, progress confidently and love swimming.

Carlile has been at the forefront of both learn to swim competitive swimming, coaching swimmers since 1946. Founders Forbes and Ursula Carlile pioneered baby teaching in Australia and opened Sydney’s first indoor swimming teaching pool. Carlile has been providing great swimming lessons for kids ever since.  

You will find swimming lessons for all ages and abilities at nine Carlile locations across Sydney. For learn to swim classes,  Click here to find your closest Carlile Swimming centre or read more about learn to swim programs below.

Baby and Infant

The first step in a lifelong love of the water.

  • For babies 3 months to 2.5 years.
  • Great bonding, you’re in the water!
  • Little ones learn safety skills.
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Preschool and Toddler Swimming

Nurtured to confident big arms and beyond.

  • Floating and submersions.
  • Overarm swimming and kicking.
  • Freestyle breathing and backstroke basics.
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School Age Swimming Lessons

From beginners to confident swimmers.

  • Three skill based levels.
  • Learning to confidently swim 15 metres.
  • The beginnings of freestyle and backstroke.
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Stroke Development

Helping young swimmers master all four strokes.

  • Breaststroke and butterfly techniques.
  • Medley introduced.
  • Learning starts and turns.
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Building endurance and learning to swim well.

  • Perfecting technique.
  • Learning squad etiquette.
  • Mastering competitive starts and turns.
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School Holiday Programs

A fun holiday activity and a great way to help your child improve.

  • A lesson everyday.
  • Turbo charge your child’s progress.
  • Specialised clinics.
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Rainbow Club

Swimming for children with a disability.

  • Fun and safe, individualised lessons.
  • Expert teachers.
  • Registered NDIS provider.
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Friday Night Races

The first taste of competitive swimming.

  • Fun racing with your friends.
  • Emphasis on personal best.
  • Supportive environment..
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The Carlile School Swimming Program

Specialised programs for all levels.

  • Available every school term.
  • Qualified teachers and coaches.
  • Water Safety and technique.
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World Class Teachers

Carlile Teachers are trained beyond the industry standard, they are amongst the most highly trained swimming teachers in the world. Those teachers are supported by "Spares" who can jump in to help students who need some extra attention and on deck Supervisors who ensure consistency and high quality lessons are delivered every day. They all work within a world renowned system that builds from one level to the next, allowing children to progress confidently, become the best swimmer they can be and learn to love the water.

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"to swim well is an asset for life" Forbes Carlile

Forbes Carlile believed passionately that swimming well was a gift that could not only save a life but bring joy. That belief has been proven correct, through many hundreds of thousands of swimming lessons, and in the generations of Australians that have loved swimming with Carlile. Countless former Carlile students have bought their children and grandchildren back to learn to swim in the same pools where they had swimming lessons as children. Many Carlile teachers are former students, who love swimming and love passing that gift to the children they teach.  

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Google Rating
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