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Make-Up Classes

How Make-Up Classes Work

You can access 12 make-up lessons for each student per year so please don’t come to lessons if your child is unwell, has any flu like  symptoms, has vomited in the previous 24 hours or has suffered a recent case of diarrhoea.  

There are some important terms and conditions, but the key things to know are:

  • Make-up bookings are only available via the Parent Portal which you can access here.
  • You must mark your child absent on the Parent Portal 90 minutes  prior to their scheduled class. This also helps others by making a spot available for someone wanting to book a make-up lesson. We understand for classes right after school or early morning this can be difficult or impossible. If that’s the case please just mark them absent as soon as you can and contact us and we will arrange the make-up token manually. 
  • If you mark your child absent on the Parent Portal more than 90 minute before the class, a make-up token will be sent to you after the class.
  • Make-up lessons are subject to availability, can be booked a maximum of seven days in advance and expire 90 days after being issued.
  • You are entitled to a maximum of 12 make-up classes a year.
  • You must be enrolled with us to use your Make-up Tokens.
  • Once a Make-Up lesson is booked it cannot be cancelled or marked as absent.

We have also prepared two instructional videos below to assist you with marking an absence and booking a make-up class. For more information on our make-up classes you can also visit the Parent Portal.

Some tips for using make-ups

Parents are often tempted to have their children swim two lessons in a row, this maybe convenient but it is not always the best option for your child.

Young children struggle to concentrate for long periods, their energy levels drop and their skills degrade. We recommend  pre-school learn to swim children should not spend more than 30 minutes in a class.

Quick Video Lessons on How To Obtain a Make-Up Token and How To Use It

Why Choose Carlile

Learning to swim doesn’t just happen naturally. Carlile’s nurturing approach, refined over years of industry leading innovation, allows children to build the skills they need at one level to confidently springboard to the next. Your child will learn to swim well and love the water.

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Google Rating
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