Swimming Stroke Correction and Development

If you want your child to swim well, then Sydney’s best Swimming Stroke Correction and Stroke Development sessions are at Carlile.

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Swimming Stroke Development Classes

Carlile is renowned for swimmers with great technique. Expert coaches work with your child to help develop the skills they need to progress and swim efficiently.  Swimming and Stroke Development Classes are run over three, ability-based levels, each building on the one before.



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The Key to Swimming Stroke Correction

Gentle correction and positive reinforcement are at the heart of Carlile’s approach to swimming stroke correction. Coaches work within a program that has been refined over time and proven to develop swimmers with wonderful strokes. That’s why Carlile coaches have produced more Australian championship gold medals than anyone else.

Marlin classes have a maximum of six students, Kingfish seven and Superfish eight. Classes are $24.25 each on a weekday and $26.75 on weekends, paid in advance on a four week cycle. (there are family and multi lesson discounts available). Find out more here.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Carlile Swimming family.

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Award Winning Swimming Stroke Development Classes

Go to any school carnival where Carlile kids are in action, and you’ll see just how well they swim. Carlile Swimmers stand out because they possess beautiful, efficient technique. Learning to swim with great technique is important, because the more efficient you are the longer you can swim. It can save a life.

Great Stroke Correction from experts helps children learn to swim well, and opens the door to endless possibilities, not just competitive swimming, but to a world of other sports and leisure activities. 

Help Your Child Learn To Swim Well

Learning to swim doesn’t just happen naturally. Carlile’s nurturing approach, refined over years of industry leading innovation, allows children to build the skills they need at one level to confidently springboard to the next. Your child will learn to swim well and love the water.

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