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What are the three Fs of swimming teaching?

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The three Fs of swimming teaching? Fun, Fulfilling Flexible.

If that’s what you want in your life, swimming teaching is mighty hard to beat.

It’s one of the most rewarding roles in the world. Working with children, keeping them safe and helping them learn a lifesaving skill and grow to love swimming. Its more than just safety, swimming is a life skill that will stay with you forever.

As Forbes Carlile said “to swim well is an asset for life”

Swimming teaching is a role that suits almost anyone, you could be looking for a change, maybe you are a senior school student after your first real responsible role (you must be at least 16), or you could be at UNI looking for flexible work to fit your schedule.

Yet so many people who would love to get involved in swimming teaching never take the leap. Perhaps that’s because to work as a swimming teacher in Australia you must have:

  • A nationally recognised accreditation
  • A Working with Children Check
  • A current CPR accreditation
  • A rescue swim qualification

How to get started in swimming teaching

No need to hesitate, Carlile Swimming is making it easier than ever.

To be a swimming teacher at Carlile all you need is an engaging personality, a desire to keep children safe and be prepared to be rewarded every day with smiles and laughter, kids say the funniest things.

Carlile Swimming can help with the rest.

  • You don’t need to have been a swimmer
  • You don’t need to have taught swimming before
  • You don’t need a qualification, Carlile will help you get that.

Swim School

What you need to be a swimming teacher

To become an accredited teacher normally involves attending a course with both online and face-to-face instruction, plus doing 30 hours of on-the-job training at a swim school. These courses can cost more than $400.

If you do your training with Carlile you will:

  • Save as the cost is only $180
  • Do your face-to-face instruction at Carlile
  • Do your 30 hours of on-the-job training as part of Carlile’s onboarding process
  • Do your rescue swim with Carlile
  • Obtain an accreditation recognised Australia wide and internationally
  • Receive an Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association Graduate Membership with includes Teacher’s insurance for three years

There are countless opportunities for learning new skills and growing your knowledge as a swim teacher. You can learn to teach babies, pre-school and at school learn to swim, stroke development and squad coaching. Each come with their own challenges and rewards.

What can you do beyond swimming teaching

You can also combine your teaching with customer service roles, you could become a supervisor, a team leader all the way through to managing your own swim school.  Swimming teaching is no longer a part time job, it can be a career.

Most of all you will work alongside positive like minded people. It’s a role where you walk away from your shift energised and satisfied because you have been helping teach kids a life saving skill. The feeling is priceless.

Yet the benefits of this job goes further than spending all day with a smile on your face. As a swimming teacher you can:

  • Enjoy flexible hours to fit your family or study commitments
  • Work as a casual, permanent part-time or full-time employee
  • Build a career in the swimming industry, as a teacher, supervisor, coordinator, manager or swim school owner
  • Obtain a qualification you can use to work all over Australia and internationally
  • Learn transferable skills in many areas including time management, customer service and risk management
  • Receive weekend bonuses

To find out more about joining the Carlile team click here.

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