World First For Carlile Swimming

Carlile has done it again, picking up a prestigious international award.

Carlile Swimming,  in partnership with skills development platform Xapify, has set a new standard for training and development of teachers which can be used well beyond the learn to swim industry.

Carlile Swimming’s Dave Dubois (Head of Program Curriculum) at a recent staff training day

Long regarded as a leader in world swimming, one of Carlile’s great strengths is its approach to training and continuous improvement which helps deliver consistently high quality lessons.

Battling against providers across a range of international industries, Carlile Swimming and Xapify took out the award for Use of Technology in Learning, at the LearnXSummitt.

The award recognised Carlile and Xapify for excellence in learning and development, via its work to build a bespoke training solution accessed by staff across the organisation to maintain and enhance high quality teaching.

The leader of the project, Carlile’s head of program curriculum Dave Dubois, is one of the world’s leading learn to swim experts. Dave, worked alongside learning systems specialist, former elite athlete Laura Honeyset.

Laura Honeyset, in her “other role” coaching champion athletes

Well done to Dave and Laura, Carlile is proud that you are helping the legacy of our founder Forbes Carlile live on.

Forbes was a pioneer, from inventing the world’s first pace clock, to pioneering lane lines, goggles and sports science, great to see that spirit of innovation still guiding us today.

The world’s first “pace clock” at Palm Beach Rock Pool


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