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Why school holiday intensive lessons improve your kids progress

School holidays are a time for relaxation, exploration, and fun, but they can also be an excellent opportunity to help your child become a better swimmer. Swimming is not only a life-saving skill but also a fantastic way for kids to stay active and build confidence in the water. Here are 6 reasons why Swimvac is the perfect school holiday activity for your kids this Summer:  

1. Consistent Practice

One of the primary benefits of school holiday intensive swimming lessons is the consistent and concentrated practice they provide. On top of your weekly lesson,  Swimvac offers daily lessons, allowing your kids to build upon their skills and muscle memory. The consistent practice helps reinforce good swimming habits and technique.

2. Rapid Skill Development

Intensive swimming lessons provide a focused environment where your kids can rapidly develop their swimming skills. With shorter breaks between lessons, they have less time to forget what they’ve learned, enabling them to progress faster. This is particularly important for young swimmers who are building their confidence in the water. It can also help children who are close to being promoted and just need to master one more skill.

3. Increased Water Comfort

Intensive swimming lessons can significantly improve your child’s comfort in the water. Overcoming the initial fear of swimming is crucial for young swimmers. During school holiday intensive lessons, your child can become more accustomed to the pool environment and gain a greater sense of comfort, which is the foundation for further skill development.

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4. Confidence Building

Enhanced progress during school holiday intensive swimming lessons can lead to increased confidence in the water. As your child masters new skills and achieves milestones, their self-assurance grows. This newfound confidence is invaluable for water safety and enjoyment, making your child feel more secure in different aquatic environments.

5. Water Safety Knowledge

School holiday intensive lessons not only focus on improving swimming skills but also emphasize water safety. Your child will learn essential safety tips and techniques that can potentially save lives. They’ll become more aware of potential hazards and how to react in emergency situations, a vital aspect of their overall education.

6. Skill Retention

The concentrated nature of intensive swimming lessons helps improve skill retention. Your child is more likely to remember what they’ve learned during the holiday break, rather than forgetting it over an extended period. This means they can pick up where they left off when they return for subsequent lessons.

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Our school holiday swimvac offers an incredible opportunity for your kids to make substantial progress in their swimming abilities. Not only will they become better swimmers, but they will also gain a lifelong skill and a greater sense of confidence in the water, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable aquatic experience in the future. 

To fast track your kids progress, book into our Swimvac today! It will run over two weeks with the dates for week one being the 15th – 19th of January and week two being the 22nd – 25th of January. Click here to book now!

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