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Are your kids summer ready?

Swimming lessons save lives. With winter sports winding down, from babies to school age, now is the perfect time to get children back in the water.

Swimming well is a gift for life, improving children’s confidence and opening the doors to so many sporting and leisure activities in Australia. It’s also a skill than can save a life.

Tragically in recent years we have seen a devastating increase in drownings. While being able to swim well is not the only factor in staying safer around water it is the most important. Babies can begin to learn water confidence from three months and children shouldn’t stop before they can swim 400 metres of freestyle with good technique.

Kids love the warm air and warm water at Carlile pools

Swimming Lessons Save Lives

The Carlile Swimming program starts by developing vital life savings skills. This included babies turning onto their backs and toddlers dog paddling back to the edge of the pool. Later we take the time to help children develop great technique.

This isn’t just because we want children to swim well and be able to use that skill for the rest of their lives. The fact is great technique can save a life. The better you swim, the longer you can do it without getting tired.

In a country surrounded by water, with dangerous rips and so many Aussie children loving the surf, being able to swim well saves.

But sadly, almost 50 percent of children leaving primary school cannot swim even 50 meters. They also can’t  stay afloat for two minutes. This  is not nearly good enough to be able to save yourself in an emergency. Do you believe your child would be capable in the surf or if they fell from a boat if they could only swim 50 metres?

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Competitive swimming builds confidence

Ten Reasons To Stick With Swimming Lessons

  1. Swimming saves lives. In Australia water is everywhere. The beach, rivers or dams, being able to “make” 50 metres in a controlled environment at the school swimming carnival does not mean a child can save themselves if they are caught in a current or fall out of a boat.
  2. Improves physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills. A four year research study by Australia’s Griffith University found that three to five year olds who attend regular swimming lessons were:
    • 11 months ahead in verbal skills
    • 6 months ahead in mathematic skills
    • 2 months ahead in literacy skills
    • 17 months ahead in story recall
    • 20 months ahead in understanding directions
  3. Great fitness. Swimming is a skill which can help keep you fit for the rest of your life. It is low impact, provides a while body workout, is great for the cardiovascular system, has proven mental health benefits and helps improve sleep.
  4. Reduce stress and anxiety. Swimming has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety in children and adults. It assists with better sleep patterns, aids digestion, the calmness of gliding through the water is soothing and the physical activity releases endorphins which is the body’s natural way of making us happy.
  5. Improved motor skills. Children’s motor skills improve by learning to swim and the physical activity helps improve memory and leads to increased energy.
  6. Builds character. Swimming doesn’t just happen naturally, it takes work, dedication and discipline.
  7. Time management. Children who go on to be competitive swimmers learn great time management skills and often excel in many other areas of life. Carlile swimming alumni includes many business leaders, judge, academics and successful media personalities.
  8. Builds confidence. For a child, being able to swim well is great for confidence. It could be as simple as doing well at the school swimming carnival or taking part in any other water- based activity. They will approach these things without apprehension, knowing “I’ve got this”.
  9. Swimming is a gateway. Learning to swim provides benefits well beyond doing laps for enjoyment and fitness. It opens the door to competitive swimming, water polo, surfing, surf lifesaving, and a host of other activities.

    Freshwater teacher Naomi Scott in action

  10. It’s fun. For kids swimming is fabulous fun. With the right nurturing approach, even hesitant children learn to love and respect the water.

Let’s face it swimming is fun!

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