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The top five summer pool games

Summer Pool Games

If you’re in search of exciting summer pool games that don’t involve the headache enhancing chorus of “Marco Polo,” then check out our top dive summer pool games!

Everyone knows children learn through play, and the same holds true for swimming. Having fun and playing summer pool games is an excellent way to develop swimming skills.

So If your little swimmer has access to a pool then let the fun begin, after-all there is purpose in play. Research shows that having fun increases motivation, inspires learning, and enhances retention.

But before we go any further, remember diligent parental or guardian supervision is an absolute must. Make sure your children stay safe this summer. You can find SAFER Swimming tip here.

1 – What’s the Time, Mr/Mrs. Wolf? (Minimum 2 Players)

This game is a classic and can also help kids improve their mathematical skills. One player becomes the Wolf and positions themselves at a distance (as close or far as desired) from the other players. Players must ask, “What’s the time, Mr/Mrs. Wolf?” The Wolf responds with a time, for example, “8 o’clock,” and the players take eight steps forward. The Wolf can repeat this process until they decide to call “Dinner Time.” At that point, the players must run or swim back to the wall as quickly as possible to avoid being tagged by the Wolf. If a player gets tagged, they become the new Wolf, and the game restarts.

2 -Red Light, Green Light (Minimum 2 Players)

You may have seen your child play this fan-favourite game at their local Carlile Swimming pool. In this game, one player takes on the role of the police officer, standing at one end of the sidewalk with their back turned to the other players. All remaining players line up at a starting line at a considerable distance from the police officer. The police officer shouts, “green light,” prompting the players to run towards them. When the police officer yells, “red light,” the players must freeze in place as the officer turns around. Players caught moving must return to the starting line. For added excitement, introduce an “orange light” where players must dance or jump when the signal is given. The first person to reach the police officer becomes the new officer.

3 – Scavenger Hunt (Minimum 1 Player)

This game can keep kids entertained for hours! To play, you’ll need pool toys or coins, which you’ll scatter sporadically in and around the pool. Inform the players of the number of items they need to collect and set them on their quest. Once they’ve gathered all the items, redistribute them, and start the game again

4 – Sharks and Dolphins (Minimum 2/3 Players)

In this thrilling game, one player assumes the role of the “shark,” while the others line up at one end of the pool as “Dolphins.” When the shark gives the command to “go,” the Dolphins attempt to swim to the opposite side of the pool. If a Dolphin is tagged, they become a shark until there are no Dolphins left. To make it easier for the Dolphins, you can have the shark use a flotation device, requiring them to swim and move around the pool without submerging or leaving the device.

 5 -Invisi-Bottle (Minimum 2 Players)

This game is ideal for entertaining a group of kids. Grab a clear 1.5- to 2-liter plastic bottle with a white cap and fill it with pool water. Divide the children into two teams, positioning them on opposite sides of the pool with their backs turned to the water. Throw the bottle into the water, and when the players hear the splash, they’re allowed to turn and jump in to locate the bottle. Beware, though—it’s not as easy as it sounds because the clear bottle blends in with the pool surface!

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