COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find details of the steps you are taking to combat the spread of COVID 19?

Click here to read our COVID 19 Protocols, or you can get a copy from the front desk when you return to swimming.

Are you social distancing in the water?

We are following the guidelines set down by the NSW Government. In our Water Confidence classes, where parents are in the water, we are practicing social distancing.

As this is a teaching facility, similar to schools where the risk is low, we don’t follow social distancing with children and we will continue to hold, support and correct them as they learn.

Are you social distancing out of the water?

Yes, we are following all the government guidelines in terms of social distancing and the total number of people allowed in each swim school. To help achieve this, we are asking that just one adult per child attends lessons and, whenever possible, that non-swimming siblings don’t attend.

What steps are you taking to maintain hygiene?

Hygiene has always been important to us, however, we have increased our hygiene protocols for our re-opening. Every staff member has completed the Government’s COVID 19 Infection Control Training and staff regularly disinfect surfaces throughout the day. Our contract-cleaning professionals will also do a deeper clean at the end of each day. You will find hand sanitisers throughout each swim school and we are reducing contact at check in.

Will you offer make-up classes if we need to miss a class due to illness?

Yes. We understand the need for increased flexibility at a time when we are asking parents and children not to attend swimming lessons if they are unwell. With this in mind, we are introducing a temporary measure which allows you to access up to 4 make-up classes per booking, between now and the end of the year. More detailed information on how to access these classes will be shared with all our families through our new Parent Portal.

Are the change rooms open?

Yes, the change rooms are still open, but we are following the government guidelines in terms of the numbers allowed at any one time. Occasionally, there may be a delay in gaining access. To help avoid this, we are encouraging our customers to bring warm clothes and a beanie for your children and ‘wrap and go’ after each lesson, where possible.

What will happen if a staff member, student or parent is found to have the virus?

If a student, parent or staff member has tested positive and has been at one of our swim schools while infected, we will be notified by the NSW Health Department and we will follow their guidelines regarding the next steps.

Is it safe to swim?

The NSW Health Department has given the approval to open pools for both swimming and teaching. You can feel safe returning to Carlile Swimming, because we use the world’s best practice technology to treat the water and air in our facilities.

At Carlile, we use an ultra fine filtration (UFF) system that goes beyond what most other pools use. In addition, chlorine keeps the water clean and free from harmful bacteria. Importantly, our Ultra-violet (UV) disinfection system provides an added layer of protection against the spread of water-borne diseases. These UV systems are not required by the NSW Health Department, but we have always built our facilities with this technology to ensure our pools are clean and hygienic.

There are no known cases of COVID-19 being transmitted in well-maintained, chlorinated water. However, we will be implementing strict social distancing and hygiene protocols to help ensure the safety of our customers and people, when we open.

Are staff wearing masks?

The health department advice is that wearing masks is not mandatory when teaching children and that masks can be less effective when wet. However, we understand some people are personally more comfortable wearing them, so we have made them available to staff who can make their own decision.

Are my remaining lessons for March still held in credit?

Yes. Any lessons remaining after we closed in March will be held in credit and applied to your account for lessons, when we re-open.

Does my current lesson booking still stand, including the same time and teacher?

We are in the process of confirming all bookings and working through class times and numbers. If you haven’t heard from us, please contact your local swim school regarding your booking.

We are hoping to keep as many of our original class times and teachers as possible, however, we may not be able to do this in every instance. We will contact you if we need to make any changes.

I would like to change my lesson time and day, am I able to do this now?

Please contact your swim school, or click here, to make your request. Our customer service staff will get back to you regarding changing your lesson time.

Can I book in now for an assessment?

Yes you can. Please contact your local swim school, or click here, to make your request. You can find your local swim school on the locations page of our website.