Adult Swimming Lessons with Carlile

Learning to swim is not just for kids. Carlile Swimming offers Adult Swimming Lessons at three pools from beginners through to adult squad swimmers. These swimming lessons could be for you if you need to learn from the beginning, or are looking for expert stroke correction or to build better endurance.

Carlile Swimming provides a fun caring atmosphere to learn and an enjoyable challenging time for more experienced swimmers.

Beginner to Intermediate Adult Swimming Lessons

These Adult Swimming Lessons cater to people who are learning to swim for the first time, or who require additional support to help them become more confident and efficient swimmers.

For those who are beginners, the classes focus on swimmers becoming comfortable in the water, learning breath control and being able to float on their front and back.

From this point, classes progress to teaching kicking with a board (flutter kick on their front),  overarm technique (no breathing) and later the freestyle breath.

Where students are already competent in the water, we can assist with developing their stroke technique, either in freestyle or any of the other strokes.

The lessons are offered at Carlile Swimming Cherrybrook and Norwest and are 45 minutes in duration, with a maximum of 6 people in a class.

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Intermediate to Advanced Adult Swimming Lessons

These Adult Swimming lessons are suitable for more experienced swimmers. They are aimed at adults who can swim at least 50m of freestyle and backstroke, with an ability to swim breaststroke and/or butterfly being beneficial but not required.

The classes cater to a wide range of abilities, from those looking to get back into the sport after a break to those who are looking for a challenge to help increase their swimming strength and fitness.

Depending on ability, and the focus of the session, swimmers could be doing anywhere from 2-3km during the set. Swimmers can expect to be developed in all areas of swimming, from technique to endurance. The classes are suitable for anyone who wants to become a better swimmer and has a solid swimming foundation to work from.

These lessons are offered at Carlile Swimming Killarney Heights and are one-hour in duration with a maximum of 6 people in a class. Contact our Killarney Heights pool for more information.

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