Swimming and Stroke Development Classes

At Carlile Swimming, we have always placed an importance on developing correct stroke technique. This is why our Swimming and Stroke Development Classes are sought after across Sydney. People will often comment on the way a Carlile swimmer looks in the water and we pride ourselves on developing the most efficient swimmers around.

Our Stroke Development classes are offered over three, ability-based levels. Each level builds on the next, with the end result being a swimmer who is both proficient and confident in all four strokes, as well as dives and turns, and the correct breathing techniques.

Carlile Swimming has been teaching kids to swim well for 65 years and we’re experts at coaching children to master their strokes. More detailed information on our Stroke Development classes is below.

Contact us to book your child in for an assessment to ensure they are placed in the appropriate Stroke Development class. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Swimming and Stroke Development Classes

Our Swimming and Stroke Development Classes are run over three, ability-based levels each focussed on coaching and developing our swimmers to be proficient in all four strokes.


Many kids are excited to reach the Marlin level as this is where they really learn how to finesse their freestyle and backstroke technique. Here, your child will build on the skills they have already learned during their Learn To Swim classes as they are now ready to become more efficient swimmers. In Marlin, kids become more proficient with their freestyle and backstroke, they learn breaststroke arm and leg movements, as well as the butterfly kick. They will also improve their swimming endurance as they tend to swim more laps than before.


Once swimmers reach the Kingfish level, they are ready to master all four strokes. These lessons are longer in duration, allowing for the introduction of the correct butterfly and breaststroke technique. We use flippers in Kingfish to help our kids maintain stability and technique, while they develop more advanced swimming skills. By the end of Kingfish, your child can efficiently swim all four strokes and demonstrate bi-lateral breathing in freestyle, as well as the correct dives, turns and finishes.


This is the final level of our Stroke Development program and the emphasis here is on refining your child’s skills to produce an efficient swimming technique across all four strokes. The intensity of the lessons increases at this level, with a further focus on building greater endurance. The results at the end of our Stroke Development program speak for themselves, with many parents and children often telling us how well they did in their school swimming carnivals.

The Stroke Development program is a key part of the overall Carlile Swimming Program, as we see our kids develop from the basics of freestyle and backstroke technique, to being fully proficient swimmers in all four strokes. We love seeing the smiles on our kids faces when they know they’ve mastered their strokes. It’s a big achievement and one we’re so proud to be part of.

The next stage after Stroke Development is our popular Squads program. Click here for more information.

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