The Carlile Swimming Team - Competitive Swimming Training At It’s Best

Our Carlile Swimming Team (CST) is for elite level swimmers, aged 13 years and over/ or those who have qualified for National Age.

The aim of the CST is to enable and support our members to achieve the highest possible performance standards. Embracing the Carlile Swimming history of excellence and innovation, swimmers are supported with activities such as advanced racing skills, conditioning for performance and ​dryland programs; as well as access to world class sport science programs such as physiotherapy, nutrition, biomechanics and psychological support services.

The Carlile Swimming Team, along with the Carlile Heritage Clubs, offer promising swimmers a pathway to participate and compete at the highest levels of the sport. Developed in response to the changing nature of the competitive swimming landscape in Australia, the Carlile Swimming Team hopes to make it easier for swimmers to progress to the elite ranks.

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“Our object is not to produce a champion but to provide an atmosphere where champions are inevitable.
However, swimming is a means to an end… to build self-confidence, self-discipline, integrity and courage for life.”

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