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Our promise to you

At Carlile we know that to swim well is an asset for life. So, to help your child, we will:

  • Deliver a highly developed program, proven to produce great results.
  • Deliver high standard lessons consistently. 
  • Employ expert teachers trained beyond the industry standard.
  • Constantly monitor your child’s progress. 
  • Provide regular feedback both face to face and via the parent portal.
  • Hold health and safety in the highest regard.
  • Always be ready to help. 

Our program at a glance

Our founders

Our founders Forbes and Ursula Carlile were pioneers, introducing groundbreaking techniques that are now commonplace worldwide. Inspired by their example, we continue to search for improvement and innovation in everything we do.

Things to know

  • Guaranteed place – now that you have place in our program, your day and time will remain yours until your child is promoted to the next level or you wish to change your day or time.

  • Arrival Time – try to arrive five minutes or so before the class, that way you can be ready to start on time. 

  • Getting in and out – so we can deliver the best classes possible with no distractions, we ask parents not to let their children get in the pool early or stay in the water after the class.

  • Goggles – seeing clearly underwater is important when learning to swim. A good pair of goggles is a must. Well-fitting goggles and caps can be purchased from Customer Service

  • Caps – it’s not much fun having hair all over your face when learning to swim, so either a cap or tying it back is a great idea. Another good idea is writing your name on all your gear with a water-proof permanent marker.

  • Holidays – lessons continue throughout the year including school holidays, with the exception of designated Public Holidays and a two-week break over the Christmas and New Year period.

  • No Floaties – we don’t want kids to develop a false sense of security by using floaties or back bubbles, so we only use active aids, like kick boards and mats.

Your team

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager has the overall responsibility at the pool. In addition to administration, they are actively involved in the swim program, either teaching, coaching or supervising classes. Our team leaders are passionate about teaching swimming and water safety. They are also dedicated for ensuring our industry leading program is delivered with the highest quality and utmost care. 


Our teachers are some of the most qualified and experienced in the world. All swim teachers in Australia are required to meet an industry standard, but Carlile teachers are trained well beyond the industry standard. You will find our teachers:

  • Care about children and teaching them to swim.
  • Nurture and encourage with positive reinforcement and gentle correction.
  • Are supported by “Spare” teachers who provide extra assistance.
  • Work with Supervisors at every lesson to ensure consistent quality and feedback.
  • Work within a system which ensures a consistent approach at each level.
  • Gain a nationally recognised accreditation and receive ongoing professional development. 
  • Use positive techniques for behaviour management. If you feel your child is showing signs of poor behaviour in class, feel free to speak to the Supervisor
  • Are trained in First Aid and have a Working With Children Check (you can find our Child Protection Code of Conduct here). You should also understand that teaching children to swim is a complex process which involves some physical contact.

Our Supervisors are our most experienced teachers, and play a vital role by ensuring:

  • Children’s progress is constantly monitored, and additional help is available when needed.
  • They are available to provide feedback to you about your child’s progress. Feel free to approach them anytime!
  • The overall quality of lessons is maintained at the highest standard.

Our teachers love working at Carlile and consistently deliver lessons of the highest quality. It’s no surprise some have been working with us for more than thirty years!

Customer Service

Our Customer Care team at the pool and via the phone and email is the first point of contact for parents. You can get answers about the program itself and if you have  questions about bookings, payments or scheduling, please do not hesitate to speak to one of our friendly staff, send an email or give us a call (see contact us above). 


We will provide updates and information through the Parent Portal and also via webinars, email, sms and phone. Plus, our Supervisors are ready to chat on pool deck and provide regular progress updates. 

We also want to understand what works for your child, so please let us know:

  •     If your child has any pre-existing medical condition that we should be aware of.

  •     How your child learns best, what works and the things they enjoy.

  •     Anything that may impact their swimming and concentration.

  •     Let us know if your child suffers from asthma.

Illness and Medication

If your child is generally unwell, it may be preferable to miss a lesson. Prescription medications cannot be administered by staff. 


Lesson fees are paid in advance via direct debit from your nominated account on a four-week cycle. Visit here for more. 


Find the details of our Privacy Policy here.

COVID 19 Make-Up Program

If you or your child is unwell or have been to a listed Covid hotspot we asked that you don’t attend lessons. Check out our COVID-19 Make Up policy. Apart from this, lesson credits, make up classes or refunds are not given for missed or unused lessons. 


When you leave the program, you must notify us by email before the next direct debit. In fairness to people on our waitlists, we cannot offer you the same spot in the same class if you change your mind after cancelling. 

Filming and Photography

Learning to swim is an important step in a child’s life. Understandably, many parents want to film or photograph their children’s progress. However, the presence of cameras can cause concern for some parents. In order to respect everyone’s privacy, if you would like to take some pictures or film please first consult with the Supervisor. 


Our facilities

Our custom pool depths, lengths, ledges and platforms are designed specifically for our program. Based on years of experience and understanding of what works best, Carlile facilities ensure children of all ages and sizes can grow in confidence quickly as they learn to swim. Plus, our warm, 32-degree water makes our pools inviting and fun. Children learn best when they feel comfortable and supported, and this is exactly what our pools are designed to do.

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Our steps to success

Our levels


The focus is on having fun and developing confidence in the water. Lessons are with a parent in the water with their baby, children learn to be comfortable submerging and back floating. Special games, songs and routines help your child learn, so it’s great fun for both of you!

Preschool Learn to Swim


Children learn to float on their backs and dog paddle unaided, with their faces in the water, and to take a breath and continue.


Children begin to learn overarm, without breathing, and kicking on their backs.


Your young swimmer will learn freestyle, with breathing, and the basics of backstroke. 

School Age Learn to Swim


For children beginning swimming lessons. Your child will learn submerging, back floating and streamline floats.


Children with limited swimming experience are taught to swim overarm (no breathing) and kick on their backs, unaided.


Children will learn freestyle, with breathing, and the basics of backstroke.

Stroke Development


Emphasis on improving freestyle and backstroke techniques and endurance, introduction of breaststroke, butterfly kick, somersaults and basic breaststroke kick.


Your young swimmer will really improve technique and endurance. They learn turns, breaststroke is refined and butterfly is introduced.


Swimmers continue to refine their technique and work on competitive turns. They also acquire a basic understanding of squad swimming etiquette.



The Shark classes are the final level before Carlile’s competitive swimming squads, they are a springboard to competition swimming, surf lifesaving, waterpolo and securing great results at the school carnival.

Expert coaches help young swimmers refine their technique, build endurance and learn the finer points of squad swimming.

School Holiday Swimming


Our school holiday intensive program allows your child to swim every weekday for a reduced fee. Often, children really thrive with the extra time and attention this program provides.  Swimvac is:

  •     Fun, and keeps your child active and occupied. 
  •     Ideal for new or nervous children.
  •     Great practice for those close to achieving their next certificate.

Expectations and progress

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